F1 Drivers and Teams for 2018

It’s a new season and so are there a number of changes to the rules as well. After the rules revolution of 2017 in which the F1 cars become wider and faster, 2018 season’s changes are relatively few in number. A complete article on that will be posted soon.

Now that the season is just a month and a half away from the start, in this article let us update ourselves to the list of drivers and teams that are going to be participating. The list consists of main drivers and also test or third drivers too. While the top grid remains pretty much the same, the real changes happened in the midfield which saw a lot of shuffling.

  1. Mercedes (Engine Supplier: Mercedes)

Lewis Hamilton (Driver Number: 44)

Valtteri Bottas (Driver Number: 77)

Test Driver: TBC

  1. Ferrari (Engine Supplier: Ferrari)

Sebastian Vettel (Driver Number: 5)

Kimi Raikkonen  (Driver Number: 7)

Test Driver: Daniil Kvyat

  1. Aston Martin Red Bull Racing (Engine Supplier: Renault)

Daniel Ricciardo (Drive Number: 3)

Max Verstappen (Driver Number: 7)

Test Driver: TBC

  1. Mclaren (Engine Supplier: Renault)

Fernando Alonso (Driver Number: 14)

Stoffel Vandoorne (Driver Number: 2)

Test Driver: Lando Norris

  1. Williams Racing (Engine Supplier: Mercedes)

Lance Stroll (Driver Number: 18)

Sergey Sirotkin (Driver Number: TBC)

Test Driver: Robert Kubica

  1. Force India (Engine Supplier: Mercedes)

Sergio Perez (Driver Number: 11)

Esteban Ocon (Driver Number: 31)

Test Driver: Nicholas Latifi

  1. Toro Rosso (Engine Supplier: Honda)

Piere Gasly (Driver Number: 10)

Brendon Hartley (Driver Number: 28)

Test Driver: TBC

  1. Renault Racing (Engine Supplier: Renault)

Nico Hulkenburg (Driver Number: 27)

Carlos Sainz Jr. (Driver Number: 55)

Test Driver: TBC

  1. Alfa Romeo Sauber (Engine Supplier: Alfa Romeo)

Marcus Ericsson (Driver Number: 9)

Charles Leclerc (Driver Number: 16)

Test Driver: TBC

  1. Haas Racing (Engine Supplier: Ferrari)

Romain Grosjean (Driver Number: 8)

Kevin Magnussen (Driver Number: 20)

Test Driver: TBC

Apart from them, the unsigned drivers are Jenson Button, Antonio Giovinazzi, Jolyon Palmer, Pascal Wehlein and Paul Di Resta

TBC – To Be Confirmed

Photo Credit: https://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/2018-f1-season/

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