RTA Vehicle Status Certificate to Check Used Car Status in Dubai

The motoring governing body of Dubai The Roads Transports Authority (RTA) has started launched its own service to give certificates on the status of the used cars in Dubai called the Vehicle Status Certificate before buying them. The certificate includes main and historical data of the vehicle from the time it was first bought. This service was essentially introduced to help avoid a buyer any fraud or deception, increase the awareness and help them make a better judgement while purchasing.

Sultan Al Marzouqi, Director of Vehicle Licensing Department, Licensing Authority, said: “The launch of the Vehicle Status Certificate is a new and distinctive addition to vehicle licensing services. This service provides customers with detailed and important data about the condition of the vehicle, insurance history and validity, vehicle owner history, vehicle condition during the annual inspection process, and other relevant information.”

The RTA service can be accessed through this link and it costs AED 100 to get a detailed report. To use this service, one would not require any specific documents. All you need is Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The service can be used by anyone be it an individual or o company.

The service requires the buyer to get an approval from the owner by sending a text message containing the use of the code in order to ensure the data privacy of the owner. Once approved, the buyer can obtain a service number to enter VIN of the car. The buyer gets a confirmation from RTA if it is possible for it to provide the details of the car and its history. If it is possible then the buyer is charged AED 100 for the certificate.

The service also goes as far as giving a report for a used car from outside the country. This has been possible because of linking the service to international companies like CARFAX America, the European Auto DNA, that collect information on cars that are imported to the country from various continents like Asia, Europe and America. This gives the service a fairly large database of cars to get information about and at an added fee as well.

The entire process can be performed by following the below steps on the RTA website

  1. Enter the chassis number of the vehicle on the website.
  2. The owner of the vehicle receives a confirmation code as a text message (this step is required to comply with RTA privacy policy).
  3. The owner enters the received code.
  4. The buyer/owner checks all details pertaining to the vehicle.
  5. The buyer settles the service fees by credit card.
  6. The buyer receives the certificate from the website or through email.

Picture Credit – http://www.gulftoday.ae

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Sideways Action from Round 2 of the Emirates Drifting Championship

Posted by Mr MZEE

The first round of the freshly launched brand new series of the Emirates Drift Championship (EDC) kicked off on 30th December in a desert region of Abu Dhabi. The competition has witnessed a participation of 30 of the best drivers from the Middle East to face off against each other in this fresh competition to become the first EDC winner.

Teams Participating in Emirates Drifting Competition

Let’s understand the format of the competition. The course is a custom layout – a track that is specifically designed to suit the more aggressive drivers with high powered cars as well as the low powered cars. This is done so that the lower powered cars can also drift easily on the track and the higher powered cars do not get a big advantage while they attempt single-car qualifying runs in the first portion of the competition.

The first part of the competition starts with a qualifying session, which decides the lineup and course of the further rounds. So, the drivers qualifying for position 9 to 24 pair up against each other in Top 24 in what can be called a sudden death stage. And the drivers who have qualified for position 1 to 8 get an automatic entry into Top 16 stage. In a head to head battle between two drivers, each driver gets a “lead” and a “chase” run, and the judges decide based on their performance, who gets to go to the next round of the competition.

In the first round held in Abu Dhabi, Sultan Al Qassimi took the lead in the Monster Energy sponsored Lunatics By Nature (LBN) team by winning the first round of the competition against a closely held battle between his teammates Khalifa Al Nahyan who finished 4th and Dany Neville who finished 11th. Sultan finished first ahead of Ahmed Omran Al Ameri of Team Red Bull.

The second round of the championship was held at RAK Track in Ras Al Khaimah, where the track was set to witness an intense battle between all the 30 drivers. This time, Ahmed Al Ameri made sure not to miss the opportunity to take the top spot. Ahmed Al Ameri took the 1st place from Sultan who came 2nd and Abdul Hadi Al Qahtani of Team Aljazirah Ford Racing took the 3rd spot. Dany Neville from Team Lunatics By Nature took the 4th place. It was quite a crazy day on the track and the crowds surely witnessed some of the best drift action.

Round 3 of the championship is going to be held on the 15th and 16th of February at the Oman Automobile Association in Oman. Make sure not to miss the action. Mark your dates!

Here are the top 10 drivers and their points after round 2.

Sr No Driver’s Name Points
1 Sultan al Qassimi 95
2 Ahmed Omran Al Ameri 75
3 Ahmed Daham 75
4 Abdul Hadi al Qahtani 72
5 Nicholas Solomon 70
6 Khalifa Sultan al Nahyan 59
7 Dany Neville 59
8 Muath Al Essa 57
9 Hazaa Abdulla Al Hosani 53
10 Saeed Ahmad 51


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