2020 Nissan Patrol Review: Luxury SUV

If you sit inside the new Nissan Patrol (also known as the Y62), you would realize not much has changed in this latest iteration. Nissan seems to be playing it safe as they have refrained from making any dramatic changes. The model that I tested was the Nissan Patrol V6 Titanium (known as the Armada in the US). The Nissan Patrol enjoys being the UAE’s best selling vehicle.

Detailed Review Video of Nissan Patrol V6

The most noticeable upgrade is visible in the new headlights and taillights. The C-shaped LED headlights house 52 LEDs while the LED taillights accommodate 44 LEDs. The taillights come with the sequential turning lights. That’s new!

Some of the other changes include a novel V-motion design grille which has been updated in all of Nissan’s latest models, dual touchscreen screens in the dashboard – the upper one is for navigation while the lower is for infotainment and mobile connectivity – and lastly, a 7-inch multi-information display in the instrument cluster.

Nissan Patrol Exteriors
Nissan Patrol Exteriors

There are two bumper options available: the standard city option which has lots of chrome and the off-road version which has improved ground clearance. My test car had the off-road bumper and honestly, I liked the look of the off-road version because it gave the car an aggressive look.

The Nissan Patrol is an SUV that is loaded with features. It has got adaptive cruise control, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, wireless charging, 13 speaker music system, Intelligent Rear-View Mirror and Lane Departure Assist. If you splurge and go for the Platinum version, you get real leather trims as well! In the other versions, the wood and leather used are artificial. My advice is don’t brag about it with someone who owns the platinum version of the Patrol.

Nissan Patrol interiors
Nissan Patrol interiors

What has not changed is how huge the Patrol really is. For someone who’s new to this SUV, a Patrol is like owning a studio apartment on wheels. It’s got 7 seats with generous boot space (which is if you choose to fold down the third row), legroom that comes in meters and the highlight of owning this car – its off-road capability.

And that brings me to the Patrol’s real appeal. The Patrol comes with two engine options and three variants with each option. A 4.0-litre V6 engine might not sound a lot in an SUV that weighs slightly less than the mountain. But this V6 still manages to produce a modest 275 bhp and 394 N-m of torque. The engine is mated to a smooth 7–speed automatic gearbox that allows the Patrol V6 to average somewhere between 8 to 8.5 kpl. All these stats are impressive, but it’s the off-roading capabilities that I am the most astounded by. It took a lot to convince my mind, that a car this size can take on dunes that easily. No seriously, like effortlessly. I spent a good 2 days in the desert and not once did I get stuck or had any of my wheels begging for traction. This from someone who hasn’t done off-roading at all. All you have to do is set it to the correct mode using the swanky terrain selector knob and you are good to go.

Nissan Patrol Desert Drive
Nissan Patrol Desert Drive

The suspension setup & chassis balance makes the Patrol glide over any terrain with little to no sweat. Its beefier cousin the V8 version comes with Hydraulic Body Motion Control, a setup that helps soak bumps easily and reduces body roll when cornering. The Patrol V6 misses out on that one completely. Nonetheless, I am still impressed with the V6.

There are reports from last year that do mention that Nissan is slated to launch the Patrol into the Indian market sometime during this year-end. You can check out a walk around video in Hindi for the same:

Nissan Patrol has been an iconic car to the Middle East region. People take pride in driving them. I was shown a thumbs up every single time I was driving it from a fellow Patrol driver. It is humongous but the light steering wheel makes it easier to manoeuvre. The base version of a V6 Patrol starts from AED 199,900 ($54,500) and goes up to AED 265,000 ($72,000). Never has owning a car and a studio apartment (both on wheels) been so convenient. Happy Dune Bashing!

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